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Who We Are

Ladies MrFinderson

We are your neighbors, friends and family. We are an all volunteer group that wants to help out wherever and whenever we can with whatever we have. In 1991, COP was founded when several churches came together for the purpose of having a fundraiser to assist those in need of help with the cost of winter fuel. We started with one Souper Saturday fundraiser, that has become an incredibly popular annual event that is held every October.

Our primary purpose is to further the local work of Isle of Wight churches by helping the poor, the needy, the unfortunate, the despairing, the lonely and the sick. A second purpose is to aid and assist Isle of Wight youth as they grow and mature; to encourage them in education, friendship and responsibility; to encourage values of integrity, moderation and morality; and to foster the youth's confidence and faith in themselves, others and God.